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500 Years of Reformation

500 years ago, a storm came upon the world. That storm was sparked by Dr. Martin Luther. Luther called for change. He wanted doctrinal integrity, biblical competence and a more aligned relationship between the common people and the church. He opposed the selling of indulgences, the concept of purgatory, works righteousness, forced committal to convents and monasteries and the change of substance from bread and wine to actual body and blood. He encouraged biblical literacy, translation, study and even congregational singing.

The reformation of the world brought religious freedom. This freedom encouraged the translation of the bible into the language of the people. Because of the printing of his Small Catechism, people learned the Lord’s Prayer, Creed, and Ten Commandments in their own language. The freedoms that Luther fought for with the church coincided with increased education, political freedoms and even travel.

This year we commemorate the 500th Anniversary of the church. Join the members and friends of the South Dakota Synod at a special anniversary worship service on Wednesday, November 1st at the Arena. Doors open at 6:00 PM with worship beginning at 7:00 PM.
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