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I've curtsied before a king. It was King Haile Selassie I of Ethiopia and I was two and a half. He died in 1975 pretty much in disgrace and I don't really know of any other kings. I guess there are still ten countries that have kings. I don't know much about them. Kingdoms are almost an idea of yesteryear. Most kings seem to have image problems and power issues.

Nov. 25th is celebrated as "Christ the King" Sunday. On this day we recognize Jesus as our King. I don't experience Jesus as a kind of King that I would curtsy or bow before. Instead, Jesus would be the kind of King that inspires us to love him so much that we truly allow him to rule in our hearts and minds, not only over a land and a people.

Jesus is the kind of King that demands fairness and prefers the weakest and lowliest. He is the kind of King that makes the powerful uncomfortable. He makes the disenfranchised safe. He is a very different kind of King.

Christ the King Sunday ends the church calendar year as the very next Sunday is the First Sunday of Advent. We end the calendar with this idea of a very different kind of King and then prepare to welcome a helpless and poor child into our world once again. This is the King of Kings. He is the one that reigns with love. Jesus is our Savior.

With Hope,
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Pastor Lynnae I. Sorensen