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The goals of Hope Care are to provide a safe, enriching, and
recreational program conducive to learning and social interaction with a structure. In addition, we aim to encourage children to pursue their interests and develop friendships, independence, and confidence. Hope Care also desires to create, and maintain, a stimulating and loving environment 
                                         for children to flourish in this 
                                         challenging society, using their 
                                         God-given gifts and talents.
Child Care
Infant to 3 Years
Program Fees
$165.00 - $175.00 per week
Hours: Monday thru Friday  6:30am to 6:00pm

Program Highlights 
*  10 Vacation days/free days 
*  Caring and experienced staff 
*  Age-appropriate activities daily 
*  Structure and flexibility all in one
*  Small, family-like atmosphere

After School Care
Program Fees:
$50.00 per week
Monday — Friday - After school to 6:00pm
Program Highlights: 
* Pick up from Eugene Field and Robert Frost
* Indoor and outdoor activities
* Structure and fun to keep school-aged  
   children busy
* Homework help available
* Open on most Sioux Falls Public School’s 
   “no school days” - planned field trips for 
   some days

3-5 Year Old
Preschool & 
Pre-Kindergarten Overview
Program Fees$140.00 - $145.00 per week
Activity Fee: $50.00 per year
Hours: Monday thru Friday 6:30am to 6:00pm
Age appropriate activities with an emphasis 
    on Kindergarten readiness skills 
*  Christian-based enrichment activities and
   other learning experiences that teach life
   skills necessary for a child to master
   developmental milestones 
*  Chapel time with Senior Pastor of Hope
   Lutheran Church
*  Low student to teacher ratio so close knit
   relationships  can be formed between
   teachers, children and families 
*  Field Trips

HopeCare Preschool, Pre-K, After School & Summer Care Programs 
Centrally located near 26th Street & Cliff Ave. at: 1733 S Sherman Ave.
      Phone: 367-1108 
Hope Care News
School Aged Summer Care

Program Fees
   Summer Care (per week)
$100.00 - 5 days
$95.00 - 4 days
$90.00 - 3 days

Activity Fee: $70.00 per summer

Monday - Friday from 6:30am - 6:00pm

Program Highlights 
*  Lots of FUN!! 
*  Sioux Falls Public Pool field trips 3 times
    per week 
*  One to more field trips per week 
*  Wild Water West trip!!
*  Structured activities
*  Exciting summer theme
*  Reading and quiet times
*  Christian based learning — 
    Vacation Bible School!
 General Information for all programs:
Discount rates for families with multiple children enrolled. (Oldest children get a 10% discount)
There is a one time registration fee of $20.00 per family. Please call or email if you have any questions about the programs or would like to set up at tour and meeting with the Program Director.
 I would first like to send out a HUGE shout-out to all of our members who helped transform the playground to the north side of the church. Thank you Clark Koob, Neil Krohse, Ben and Hudson Schumacher, Jesse and Blake Rufener, Ron Keenihan, Joe Fee, Willard Bowne, Mark Weber, Levi Hagen, Dal Golz, and Tom Larson. I have received MANY compliments from the staff and parents on how nice the play area looks now. Thank you all!

The start of the new school year has brought Hope Care to a new school year as well. The children have settled into their new rooms with their new teachers. Hope Care would also like to wish Savanna Teune (Bremer) well as she moves on to new endeavors in life. She spent the summer as our Pre Kindergarten teacher. With one teacher leaving, we have filled the Pre Kindergarten position with Lonna Smith. Lonna has many years of experience with this age group with another facility, and we are very excited for her to be with us at Hope Care. She is full of energy, excitement, and new ideas. Welcome to Hope Care, Lonna!

As you may have noticed, Hope Care began with a dress code for its staff members. This is all part of an attempt for Hope Care to be a step above the rest.
Preschool, Pre-K, After school and Summer Care Programs 
1733 S Sherman Ave.
Phone: 367-1108
Matt Krohse, Director